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Rada Parafialna powiadamia, ze polskie msze w kościele Sacred Heart zostają znowione i beda odbywały sie w pierwsza niedziele każdego miesiąca o godz 1pm. Prowadzone beda przez ks. Józefa. Zatem w najbliższą niedziele 6 czerwca, będziemy mieli pierwsza msze o godz. 1pm. na której będziemy swietowac Boże Ciało. Poza tym, dalej obowiązują przepisy dotyczące Covid, wiec maski i odległości musza byc przestrzegane. Zgromadzenia przed i po mszy sa zabronione. Maxymalna ilość parafian 50, first come, first served.

The Parish Council informs that the Polish Masses at Sacred Heart Church are being renewed and will take place on the first Sunday of every month at 1 pm. Will be led by Fr. Joseph's. So this Sunday, June 6, we will have the first mass at 6 1 pm on which we will be celebrating God's Body. Also, Covid regulations are still in place so masks and distancing must be observed. Assemblies before and after the mass are prohibited. Maximum amount of parishioners 50, first come, first served.


The White Eagle Polish Hall is located in beautiful James Bay, just a block away from Ogden Point and minutes away from downtown. The Polish Hall has two floors available for weddings, banquets, dances, concerts, seminars, meetings and other events. The Hall offers ample parking on both sides of the building and is a short walk away from the #2 bus route. Please contact us to discuss your rental needs and to schedule a tour of the facility.

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